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      Round Up For Charity | The O’Brien School

      Round Up For Charity | The O’Brien School

      In November 2016, we're supporting a charity very near and dear to our hearts. While on vacation in Tanzania in 2006, a friend unexpectedly saw a need she could not ignore. Her family vacation turned into her life's calling - to build a school for the children of a small and impoverished village halfway around the world. She got to work.


      One year later, The O’Brien School in Tanzania opened to 150 students offering the only educational opportunity for children in their village. The school provides an alternative for young girls who are otherwise married off as early as 12 years old. The school also offers village women vocational training in crafts and jewelry allowing them their first opportunity for independence. It costs about $1000 per year to sponsor a young girl  for secondary school and that includes room, board, books and a little money for incidentals.

      We are so proud of our friend who saw a need and found a way to make a difference. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. Although we normally support charities in our community, we know there is need all over the world and we're happy to make a difference wherever we can!

      A. Dodson's Round Up For Charity O'Brien School

      Complimentary Bed|STU Branding Event

      Complimentary Bed|STU Branding Event

      Make your Bed|STÜ's even more unique with complimentary personalized branding at A. Dodson's Virginia Beach on Wednesday, November 2nd from 1:30-5:30. Register here if you'd like to get a friendly reminder!

      It's no secret we love our Bed|STÜ boots at A. Dodson's. Each piece is unique because they're made using traditional techniques: handwoven, hand-sewn, washed and tumbled using natural leathers - free range when possible - and a vegetable based tanning process.

      Receive a free Bed|STÜ gift with purchase in addition to complimentary branding on 11/2/16.

      Previous Bed|STÜ purchases from A. Dodson's are eligible for complimentary branding, too! Don't have your Bed|STÜs yet? No problem, stop by any location or shop here and prepare to wear these boots for years to come!

      Help Us Take Less, Give More

      Help Us Take Less, Give More

      We're delighted to report that A. Dodson's has been nominated to receive the Indie Award from Independent We Stand. In 2011, Independent We Stand created the Independent Small Business of the Year Award or "Indie" to help recognize a locally-owned small business that has gone above and beyond to deliver great customer service and community support.

      If you love us like we love you, please take 1.78 seconds to click this link and vote for A. Dodson's. You can vote once per day so, ya know, if you have 12.46 seconds to spare each week you could vote for us 7 times! Was that too much math? Did your head just explode? Us, too. Let's not do that again.

      If we are lucky enough to win, there's a $5000 prize. We'll use that gift to pour right back into our community. It's all part of our Take Less, Give More motto.

      Click here to vote for us! Update: We won thanks in large part to your votes! As promised, we donated the $5000 prize to a local women's shelter so they could continue their important work in our community!