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Oh Joy! Our Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Oh Joy! Our Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Day Twelve:

On the 12th and final day of Christmas, we know the real deal. What's EASY? What's QUICK? What's PERFECT?

We gotcha!

Gift Cards at A. Dodson's

Gift Cards at A. Dodson's

Day Eleven:

On the 11th Day of Christmas, we celebrate all things Mr. and Mrs!
Christmas weddings and holiday proposals add an extra sparkle of magic and to that we say "YES!"
Bridal at A. Dodson's Suffolk Norfolk Virginia Beach
Bridal at A. Dodson's Suffolk Norfolk Virginia Beach
Bridal at A. Dodson's Suffolk Norfolk Virginia Beach

Day Ten:

The best pet ever deserves something under the tree, too. #petsarepeopletoo

Shop Gifts For Pets > Here

Pet Gifts

Day Nine:

Pop, Fizz and Clink your way through the holladaze. 

Shop all things bubbly > Here


Day Eight:

Spending time together and making new traditions is what the holidays are all about. We love reading the Santa Is Coming To Virginia Book because it highlights some of our favorite local and regional places!

Shop Gift Ideas for Kids > Here

Day Seven:

Give thoughtful and personal gifts without breaking the bank. Check out these gift ideas under $50. We'll even package 'em up with a bow for ya.

Shop Gift Ideas Under $50 > Here

A. Dodson's Gifts Under 50

Infinity Family Print

Corkcicle Invisiball

Reed Diffuser Volcano


Day Six:

You know what your momma taught you. Don't show up empty-handed. Here are some hostess gifts sure to get you invited back!

Chapel Hill Toffee

Rewined Candles

Sugar Dish Mudpie

Christmas Ornaments

Day Five:

At a loss on what to get her? Alison and Amy break it all down. 

Day Four:

There's no denying teachers deserve everything we can give them and the holidays are a great time to treat them to something special. Alison and Amy school us on their ideas for great teacher gifts. A+, girls!

Day Three:

We let Amy and Alison loose in the snow and things got a little hysterical! Check out some great holiday ideas in here for you (and Santa!).

Day Two:

We like getting a little personal! Adding a name or monogram makes a gift even more special and the more creative the better. Some of our favorite ideas {so far} are:

  1. Latitude and longitude of a couple's first kiss: 36.9016° N, 76.2002° W
  2. Someone's favorite hashtag: #takelessgivemore
  3. Make it funny: Chillin' with my gnomies
  4. Make it memorable such as the birthdates of each child: 4/23/04    6/08/06
  5. And of course, initials, names or nicknames: The Andersons or AMD

Monogrammed Corkcicle

Monogrammed Galvanized Antler Deer

Monogrammed Corkcicle Tumbler

Happy Everything Elf Treats Platter

Firetruck Shirt

Monogrammed Blanket Scarf

Day One:

Being home for the holidays means creating a cozy place of comfort and joy. Switch out a few pillows and keep a warm blanket nearby. Then sit back and enjoy the quiet moments because that's where the magic really happens.

Holidays Ideas for the Home From A. Dodson's


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