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Holiday Personal Shopper - In Stores or via FaceTime!

Holiday Personal Shopper - In Stores or via FaceTime!


Book a 30-minute personal shopping experience with one of our elves in store or via Facetime! Make your list, and we will check it twice for you! We will help you find the perfect gift for those special people in your life. Book now, spots will fill up fast!  

Click Here to Shop With Alison

Click Here to Shop With Amy

Click Here To Shop With Katherine

Click Here To Shop With An Elf In Suffolk

Click Here To Shop With An Elf in Norfolk

These Personal Shopping Appointments are free of charge, and can be in person or via Facetime if you feel more comfortable shopping from the comfort of your home. We will create an order for you which can be paid in person or through email while we wrap your gifts for you!  


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