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Vote For Our October Round Up Charity!

Vote For Our October Round Up Charity!

Giving back to our community is one of our greatest delights. Every month A. Dodson's supports a charity chosen by our customers. We match each donation when our customers round up their change at purchase. To date, we've donated over $120,000!

In addition to voting, we hope you'll spread the word about these amazing organizations and help them in any way you can (volunteers are always loved!). ❤️

To inquire about participating in our Round Up program, please email us at 

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  • Accumula Collaborator
Comments 35
  • Wanda Olden
    Wanda Olden

    I vote for the Suffolk Literacy Council hands down! This organization is dedicated to lessen the impact of adult illiteracy in our community. Tutors, board members, and volunteers work tirelessly to provide the tools needed to increase reading levels, comprehension, and the confidence of the students to achieve their life goals.

  • Krystal Vaught
    Krystal Vaught

    I voted for the Eliza Hope Foundation because the center is great for children and parents to have a secure place to go. The center is full of grace with kind people.

  • Lori White
    Lori White

    Voting for The Suffolk Literacy Council, they are making the difference in so many lives here in Suffolk and our people in Suffolk depend on them! Lori White

  • Courtney Wright
    Courtney Wright

    Suffolk Literacy Council!

  • Tammi C.
    Tammi C.

    AFTH helped me with the hardest yet most amazing act of kindness and love I have ever done by placing my son Henry with his adopted family. I was also a recipient of their birth parent scholarship fund and do everything I can to support this great organization.

  • Jess

    I voted for Suffolk Literacy because Rachel has been kept back from so many opportunities and with here Tutor she earned a $1000 scholarship so she can work in the public schools. Her dream is to ensure this next generation won’t need literacy.

  • Beverly

    Suffolk Literacy Council is a valuable resource that empowers citizens to become more independent and productive by teaching them to read or to learn English.

  • Faye Sobel
    Faye Sobel

    I support the Literacy Council of Suffolk, composed of volunteers that give of their talents to help other people in their community. Tutoring in reading and math help our citizens become more productive – improving their lives and the lives of all Suffolk citizens. The funds donated through A Dodson’s will help the Literacy Council introduce a new program of hands on in carpentry and mechanics.

  • Julia H
    Julia H

    I voted for adoptins from the heart. They do such wonderful work helping families. Best of luck AFTH!

  • Regina

    I voted for Adoptions from the Heart. There are no words for how thankful my family is for them. We adopted our son and daughter at birth and feel like the luckiest parents on earth. Our children are now 6 and 4, but we are forever grateful to get to be their parents.

  • Lauren Kleinz
    Lauren Kleinz

    Adoptions from the Heart helped us bring our beautiful daughter home. We now have a beautiful extended family in her birth family and see them a few times a year! We vote for AFTH!

  • Alan & Alex
    Alan & Alex

    AFTH and their incredible caring staff in PA, changed our lives, when they blessed us with the adoption of our daughter! We found true acceptance, a miracle and an abundance of love that we will be grateful for, for the rest of our lives!

  • Kimberly E Cox
    Kimberly E Cox

    I voted for Adoptions From the Heart because they made our dreams of parenthood a reality. We have a beautiful daughter and son because of the caring staff at AFTH.

  • K. Cameron
    K. Cameron

    I supported Adoption from the Heart as this organization made it possible for us to complete our amazing family 10yrs and counting. She completes us all.

  • Jenna

    I voted for adoptions from the heart. They helped us complete our beautiful family. We are so grateful and thankful for our little boy

  • Lori

    I voted for Adoptions From The Heart because they brought us our precious son.

  • Louise W
    Louise W

    I vote for Adoptions of the Heart! They help both adoptive parents and birth parents through the crazy adoption maze!! Without them, I wouldn’t have my awesome daughter!

  • Jacquelyn

    Adoptions from the Heart goes above and beyond to help you on your way to becoming a parent!

  • Pam P
    Pam P

    I voted for Adoptions From The Heart! I’m an adoptive Mom thanks to AFTH! Our daughter has an open adoption and we wouldn’t want it any other way. She is loved by many!!!!

  • Faith

    I voted for Adoptions from the heart. They are the best. My daughter is the best thing that ever happen to us. Thank you for being there for us. She is a blessing.

  • Patricia B
    Patricia B

    Adoptions from the Heart walked me through the adoption of my granddaughter. Terrific organization!

  • Victoria Keiper
    Victoria Keiper

    I am voting for Adoptions from the Heart. They helped me expand my beautiful family and do wonderful work with birth parents.

  • Wesley Shaw
    Wesley Shaw

    I vote for The Eliza Hope Foundation, because it is the most amazing non-profit, set up by parents with the biggest hearts, and it’s mission is to help as many parents and families of the special needs community as possible. There could not be a more deserving organization to receive this than The Eliza Hope Foundation whose goal is to provide services and support to the most under-serviced population in the community.

  • Faye Sobel
    Faye Sobel

    I am voting for the Suffolk Literacy Council because of the effect their efforts has on each individual and the entire community. They help with Reading, Math, English as a Second Language and basic living skills. Building a Better Community, now person at a time.


    Eliza Hope is an incredible organization. I hope that Dodson’s will support! XXXX

  • Terri Hill
    Terri Hill

    I voted for Adoptions from the Heart

  • Ashley Pendrak
    Ashley Pendrak

    I voted for Adoptions From the Heart because birth parents deserve the opportunity to continue their education and AFTH gives them the means to do it!

  • Sophia

    Voting for Adoptions From The Heart

  • Charlene Beaman
    Charlene Beaman

    In honor of sweet and beautiful Eliza and all the children with specific special needs such as intractable Epilepsy and Autism, I am voting for the Eliza Hope Foundation. The benefits of having a loving and inviting environment servicing the many needs of these children are unmeasurable.

  • Susan Richardson
    Susan Richardson

    I vote for the Eliza Hope Foundation. It offers a wonderful opportunity for parents with autistic children to have a place to receive the special education and help they need in one place. It is a place of answered prayers.

  • Rev Johnathan Stanley
    Rev Johnathan Stanley

    I votefor the Compassion Advocacy Network . It helps over 10000 people with it’s CAN Help program

  • Rev Johnathan Stanley
    Rev Johnathan Stanley

    I votefor the Compassion Advocacy Network . It helps over 10000 people with it’s CAN Help program

  • Hala Salha
    Hala Salha

    I vote for Elisa Hope Foundation. I have wintnessed the born of this foundation and I know how much positive impact it already made and will to the families of childeren that are diagnosed with intractable Epelipsy and Autisum Spectrum Disorder. Best luck!

  • Samuel Ackley
    Samuel Ackley

    The finest organization in the commonwealth of Virginia and the USA!

  • Teri Miller
    Teri Miller

    I vote for Eliza Hope Foundation. I think having a place that is dedicated to helping kids on the spectrum achieve every day activities that we all take for granted. Examples are having a hair dresser come in to make them comfortable getting haircuts, OT, PT, and Speech Therapy. I love that these children have a place that they feel comfortable being themselves.

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