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Nora Fleming Signing

Nora Fleming Signing


We are extremely excited about this event, and we know you have lots of questions so here are the important details!

Nora Fleming Signing Pre Order:

We will be offering a pre order option to our Nora Fleming VIP Group! If you haven't joined our group on Facebook, make sure you are a member to get up to date information and early access to events. CLICK HERE TO JOIN>>>


We will be offering one option, the Maple Tasting Board (G4M) for pre order. Due to the amount of items Nora will be signing for the pre order, the best option for us to manage is to offer one base.

Once the pre order is ready to launch, we will post in the Nora VIP group with a link to the specific item for pre order. This will be a special product including the Maple Tasting Board and Red Butterfly Mini.

The signing on each piece that is pre ordered will read "Nora Fleming 2023."

Each of these pre order bases will include one exclusive red butterfly mini.

We can only offer a limited amount of pre orders due to the time it will take for Nora to sign them. Please make sure you get your pre orders in promptly as we will not be able to accommodate additional orders after the number has been reached.

As always, we will offer free shipping on these orders.

NOTE: These pre ordered bases will not be available before or during the signing. Nora will sign these bases after our in store event, and they will be available for in store pickup or shipping AFTER the event is over.


We will be offering several options of Nora Fleming bases for the signing. Due to the amount of bases we will be ordering, offering specific options for this event will ensure that we have enough stock for everyone in attendance.

Nora will be available for photos - she loves interacting with y'all! But please remember, we have lots of people that will be waiting to have their items signed, so photo ops will be brief.

We will be creating an event page to sign up for a space for this event. You must sign up to attend! We will post the link as soon as it's available.

Other Nora Fleming bases and minis will be available for purchase the evening of the event, but Nora will not be able to sign anything other than the designated base options we will be offering for the signing event.

Due to the limited time Nora will be spending in store, we will not be able to have her sign pieces that you already have. She will only be signing the options available for purchase the evening of the event.

Each base that is purchased the evening of the event that are part of this signing event will receive one free exclusive red butterfly.



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  • Katherine Osborne
Comments 6
  • Julie Dickerson
    Julie Dickerson

    Did I understand the shipping will be May 2nd or there about???

  • Katherine A. Dodson's
    Katherine A. Dodson's

    @Nancy – yes, the maple tasting board is the only option for online pre order.
    @Lisa – no, the red butterfly will only come with the maple tasting board.
    @Mary – Pre order starts tomorrow – 4/13 at 9am EST – check out the Nora VIP Group on Facebook!
    @Tracy – The only base the red butterfly will come with is the Maple Tasting Board.

  • Nancy Henderson
    Nancy Henderson

    The only base option for your signing event to be shipped is the maple tasting board?

  • Lisa Giesen
    Lisa Giesen

    can we pre-order any base and get the butterfly as long as it is not signed

  • Mary Champoux
    Mary Champoux

    When can I pre- order?

  • Tracy Robbins
    Tracy Robbins

    I want to clarify if we preorder a base and have it shipped, we will get a red butterfly?

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