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    [br(eakfast) + (l)unch] = BRUNCH!

    [br(eakfast) + (l)unch] = BRUNCH!

    Last week we were unpacking a new {and glorious} Mud Pie shipment including some really cute brunch items. Somewhere between the Syrup Pitcher and the Bacon Platter a heated discussion started brewing {like a cup of coffee but even darker}.

    Odds are we were just really hungry, but alliances formed. Team Pancake insisted brunch was just an early lunch if you didn't serve pancakes. Team Heuvos Rancheros insisted pancakes weren't needed when heuvos rancheros were on the brunch menu. We all agreed on bacon. And mimosas. 

    So please, dear friends, weigh in. What's the best thing about brunch?

    Update: We called a truce over glasses of champagne. And eventually finished unpacking.

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    Storewide Sale: 50% Off {Almost} Everything!

    Storewide Sale: 50% Off {Almost} Everything!

    Remember when we went to Market last week? That was fun.

    Know what's even more fun? {insert slight sarcasm} A bunch of Spring orders are going to start arriving next week and we need to make some room!

    There were a number of things we could have done to make way for New Arrivals but we went with Option A henceforth known as Option AhMyGawd! A. Dodson's Storewide 50% Weekend Sale


    Winter: Blizzard, Market, Christmas Sale

    Winter: Blizzard, Market, Christmas Sale

    Not sure about y'all, but we sorta got hit with a blizzard this weekend. We say "sorta" because we're not really sure that what happened was what we envisioned a blizzard to be. Here in Southeastern Virginia we're usually referring to Dairy Queen when we say blizzard. But there were some happy kids {and adults} who have yet to go back to school as of this posting.

    The Blizzard of 2017 {as we'll fondly remember it} rolled into town as we were preparing for our 75% off Christmas Sale. That created a sad tease for our customers who heard something like this:

    "Starting Saturday morning all of our Christmas goodies will be 75% off!"

    Immediately followed by:

    "We're closed on Saturday because we seem to be stuck inside a snow globe!"

    Thankfully our new fancy schmancy and mobile-friendly website that launched last month allowed everyone to get their 75% off sale fix. Even better, we'd just gotten In-Store Pickup working the week before and that was a hit for our customers and our Shipping Department. Sometimes we just nail it! Sometimes.

    A. Dodson's Blog

    You can still shop the Christmas sale here. For the time being, if you use code 75OFF during checkout you'll get 75% off original prices.

    While the snow was falling and the website was churning, we dove head first into planning for our trip to AmericasMartATL this week. Twice a year, one week in January and one week in July, the Atlanta Gift Mart is open for buyers to see what's new and order for their stores. It's never open to the public {sorry charlie}. Imagine three huge buildings each with approximately one gazillion floors filled with every showroom you can possibly conjure.  Tackling this trip requires a plan. Our plan looked something like this:

    A. Dodson's goes to Atlanta Gift Mart

    Our Creative Director, Amy, is going to take over our Social Media while at AmericasMartATL so make sure you're following our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lawd knows what else she may get us into while she's there {she's really into Snapchat!}.

    A. Dodson's Creative Director, Amy Wheeler.

    She might even ask for your opinion on what they buy. Your answer should be: Everything!

    The final thing the Blizzard of 2017 brought us was a little extra time. The Christmas Break was nice but it's a busy time of year unlike a snowstorm where you literally can't leave your house for a little while. It was a forced pause that allowed for more snuggles, more leisurely cups of coffee and a blog post with more words than pictures! ❤️

    Local Love | Three Ships Coffee

    Local Love | Three Ships Coffee

    We’re super proud of our fellow small business in Virginia Beach, Three Ships Coffee!

    Cosmopolitan Magazine named Three Ships Coffee one of the Best Coffee Shops in America! And, while we couldn’t agree more that their in-house roasted coffee is superb, we might also add that their homemade hand pies are spectacular.

    If you’ve never been and you’re not sure what to order, we suggest the horchata latte!

    A local business who pays homage to our local history and the mighty, adventurous spirit of the first settlers of Jamestown. We should all be setting sail for Three Ships Coffee pronto!

    Three Ships Coffee Virginia Beach VA

    Three Ships Coffee Hand Pie A. Dodson's