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Vendor Spotlight: Kanga

Vendor Spotlight: Kanga

We are so excited to share about one of our favorite vendors: Kanga! The team at Kanga has created the perfect cooler for every occasion - from the beach to your tailgate! With football season starting, you'll want a convenient way to tote your cold beverages everywhere you go. We love that this cooler case slides snugly around your case of cold beer, seltzer, or soda to provide all day chill. We also love that it makes carrying ice cold drinks easier than lugging around a heavy cooler full of ice. It even features a magnetic flap for easy access to your drinks. They are also machine washable to clean off any spills. Keep scrolling to learn more!



"We’re 5 close friends with completely different backgrounds united by one simple thing: we love cold beer. When we were assigned a class project to create an idea that solved a problem we faced, we knew exactly what it would revolve around. We found ourselves drinking warm beer at a tailgate in Clemson, South Carolina. For the love of all that is holy, why are we drinking warm beer!?! We all had $300 coolers that could keep beer cold for a few weeks but didn’t use them to keep our beer cold for a few hours? This made no sense.

Well, we didn’t use our coolers because we didn’t want to have to deal with ice and hauling the huge thing all the way to our tailgate a mile from where we parked. So, instead, we stopped by the convenience store, grabbed a cold case, and just carried it with us to drink it as it got warm. We found our problem... Warm... Beer... Sucks! With this in mind, we noticed something very profound at the tailgate next to ours. It might seem normal to most, but what it represented was life changing. We saw someone take a cold beer out of a cooler and put it into a can insulator. What we really saw was someone take a cold beer out of what made it cold (the cooler) and put it into something to keep it cold for the entire time they’ll actually enjoy it (the Insulating Sleeve). THAT’S when it hit us: WHY THE HECK ISN’T THERE A CAN INSULATOR FOR A WHOLE CASE!

We took it out of a fridge (what made it cold), but we needed something to put it in to keep it cold for the entire time we were actually going to enjoy it without the ice or hassle! Right then and there, the vision for the Kanga Kase Mate was born. There was no going back. We realized what we had to do: end the tyranny of Big Cooler and set millions free from having to choose between cold OR convenience."





The classic that started it all! The Kase Mate by Kanga is the perfect cooler for game day! Whether you're tailgating by the stadium or attending a watch party down the street, the Kase Mate is engineered to keep your drinks cold for up to 7 hours - it will keep your drinks chilly until that nighttime kickoff!! The guys at Kanga have really paid attention to the details on this one. The zippered side allows you to easily slide the cooler over your drinks, while the magnetic flap on top provides easy access to your drinks. The Kase Mate even features an interior mesh pocket to store your koozies and bottle opener! The lightweight, insulated material cuts down on weight AND eliminates the need for ice! This cooler is also designed to be snug to let your drinks keep each other cool. We love that there are colorways for everyone!

Featured above: Gibson, Breeze, Woody, Malibu



The same genius design as the Kase Mate but bigger! The Kase Mate - 24 Pack features all of the same great things we love about the original size, but is big enough for a 24 pack of beer!

Featured above: Woody, Malibu




Similar to the Kase Mate, the Pouch is designed to keep your drinks cold for up to 7 hours! The Pouch also slides snugly over your case of drinks to provide snug insulation with a magnetic flap to access your beverages. However, the Pouch has a high-quality, removable shoulder strap which makes it even easier to take on the go! The Pouch also has 4 storage pockets to store everything you may need to keep your hands free for whatever fun game day may bring! These are such a great option if your game day is more on-the-go.

Featured above: Woody, Gibson




If you can't get enough Kanga (like us), check out these great accessories! On the left is the Performance Roozie. The Roozie keeps your drink cold even after you take it out of your cooler! It also features and elastic strap to keep a better grip on your can while you enjoy your tailgate. On the right is an absolute must-have: the Beer Block! The Beer Block is an amazing addition to your Kanga cooler. It is a extended-release, can-shaped ice pack to extend the chill for an extra two hours! Simply replace one of your cans with the frozen Beer Block to keep your drinks extra chilly. It is made of thick, break-resistant plastic so it's durable enough to handle whatever game day throws your way!


We hope y'all enjoy Kanga as much as we do! We can't wait to use ours ALL football season long!

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