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Seasonal Dough Bowls

Seasonal Dough Bowls

This week, we’re showing you how to hack your dough bowls for the holidays! These are a few easy ways to add a little seasonal flair to your home. They look amazing as centerpieces in your kitchen, living room, dining room, entryway, or any other space… the possibilities are endless! We are focusing on a fall styling and a Christmas styling, but these dough bowls are a great piece to change out season after season. Keep scrolling to learn more!



These festive centerpieces are so easy to create when you start out with dough bowls from Mud Pie. We offer two colors and two sizes of each color. We used the large size for our designs, but the designs are easy to downsize for the small dough bowl as well! 

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For our Fall Harvest dough bowl, we used an array of different items! This style is so easy to put together in a few simple steps. Follow along below to see our favorite fall fillers.


1. 24”L Pumpkin Gourd Berry & Leaf Teardrop - We started by adding two of these to the dough bowl to form our base. It is so full of different colors and textures, it definitely cuts work down a lot! This piece is structured along a central wire so it can be bent and shaped to your style! We bent it downwards to give the effect that it was spilling from our bowl.

2. Mini Pumpkin Set - This set of 24 stuffed pumpkins makes the perfect filler! They are small enough to fit in the little spaces around the Pumpkin Gourd Berry & Leaf Teardrop, but big enough to add some funky prints.

3. Tiny Acorn Decor Set - These little, baby acorns are the perfect size to fill all those tiny nooks and crannies left over. They also add another texture and more colors!

4. Braided Rope Pumpkins - These pumpkins are such a great statement piece for your dough bowl! They are big enough to draw attention while not overpowering the rest of the pieces! They also have fun tassels as well!!

5. Pumpkin Tassel Garland - This garland makes a great finishing touch to your Fall Harvest dough bowl! We just draped ours across the front to add some extra dimension. You can tuck the tails of the garland in the bowl or tape them to the back!


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White Christmas

For our White Christmas dough bowl, we used a handful of different items! This style is so easy to put together in a few simple steps. Follow along below to see our merry must haves.


1. 38”L Pine/Pinecone Swag - Similar to the Fall Harvest dough bowl, we started out by adding two of these to provide the base for our design. This one can also be adjusted by bending the central wire. You can fan out the branches to create a fuller effect as well.

2. Hand Painted Cardinals Ornament - These ornaments are so beautiful and add a little sparkle to your dough bowl! They are perfect to tie in the Pine/Pinecone Swag as well as tying in that classic Christmas red.

3. Small Christmas Gnome Sitters - These little cuties add a touch of fun and whimsy! They are a great size to tuck into little spaces of your dough bowl.

4. Plush Gnome with Sequin Hat Ornament - This gnome is so cute to add some more sparkle to your dough bowl! They are so exciting and really draw your eye!

5. 4’ Peppermint Candy Garland - Finally, we draped this garland throughout our design to add a little extra fun! We weaved it through the pine and all of our gnomes and off the sides of our dough bowl.

BONUS: Lodge Dangle Leg Gnomes - We love the dangle legs on these gnomes to hang on the side of our dough bowl! They add extra height and more dimension to the design!


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We had so much fun creating these fun designs and we hope you all have as much fun as we do! Shop in store with us or shop online with free shipping!!

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