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Sneak Peek: New Nora Fleming Minis Are Coming Soon

Sneak Peek: New Nora Fleming Minis Are Coming Soon

Nora Fleming recently announced three new Minis that will be added to the Collegiate line up! Stay tuned for their arrival announcement expected mid-December!

A305 ohio state university
A306 university of miami
A307 university of oregon

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  • Accumula Collaborator
Comments 17
  • Teddi Gerard
    Teddi Gerard
    Please Please UVA mini…why only a Virginia Tech and not a Universsity of Virginia
  • Terry De Young
    Terry De Young

    Could you please do a mini for University of Michigan, University of Washington and UC Berkeley!
    Thank you!

  • Taryn O'Connell
    Taryn O'Connell

    We would love a Purdue helmet! So many other Big10 teams so we are hoping to be included!! :)

  • Debbie Holba
    Debbie Holba

    My daughter is a freshman at Purdue. She graduates in 2025. I guess I have four years to keep my fingers crossed for a helmet! “Boiler Up”!!

  • Jane

    University of Kentucky would be AWESOME!

  • Gail Wills
    Gail Wills

    Please do an Army helmet! Also one for the Navy. THats my big football party of the year,,

  • Margaret

    Please do a WVU…..Country Roads, take me HOME…:)


    Please do a VT Virginian Tech mini :) :)

  • Karen Dilello
    Karen Dilello

    Don’t forget about West Virginia University Nora Fleming mini’s collegiate football helmet, I would love to purchase several. All my children graduated from there as well as daughter-in-law.

  • Jay B McDonald
    Jay B McDonald

    Univ of Minnesota would be excellent! Thanks

  • PAmela BLoom
    PAmela BLoom

    I would like to see a mini made for more Ohio State items like an OSU flag AND MASCOT

  • Debbie Mahurin
    Debbie Mahurin

    How about a Texas Longhorn? University of Texas

  • Julie Biven
    Julie Biven

    We would love to see a University of Louisville Cardinals mini!

  • Peggy K
    Peggy K

    Please design a calendar for New Years and male and female runners for the many marathon participants.

  • Kathleen W Buck
    Kathleen W Buck

    Please do a VT mini! :)

  • Bev Paluska
    Bev Paluska

    Please, a design for the University of Illinois. A basketball would be great!

  • Mary Enright
    Mary Enright

    Please design an Ole Miss and North Carolina State, Alabama and University of VA

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