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Vote For Our August Round Up Charity!

Vote For Our August Round Up Charity!

Giving back to our community is one of our greatest delights. Every month A. Dodson's supports a charity chosen by our customers. We match each donation when our customers round up their change at purchase. To date, we've donated over $113,000!

In addition to voting, we hope you'll spread the word about these amazing organizations and help them in any way you can (volunteers are always loved!). ❤️

To inquire about participating in our Round Up program, please email us at 


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  • Kim Glover
Comments 18
  • Joyce

    This local charity THE GOT SOLE PROJECT touches so many here in Virginia, I love what these amazing volunteers do. Having a new pair of shoes can make all the difference in a childs life!

  • Jenny

    The Got Sole makeds a difference I have seen the look on a child face after waiting in line for a pair of shoes IN VIRGINIA!! GOT SOLE ROCKS!!!

  • Jeff

    This organization touches so many children at the Eastern Shore that would have nothing!!!

  • Connie

    All great causes, but The Got Sole Project is in dire need of your help! Please cast your vote for us!

  • Laura Czarnecki
    Laura Czarnecki

    Safe House Project saves lives!!! Please visit their website to learn more about this extraordinary organization.

  • Ben

    Mended Little Hearts of Coastal Virginia, A great organizations making a real difference for many families.

  • Laura D
    Laura D

    Mended Little Hearts! My son underwent open heart surgery March 2017 and they have been a huge support to us! Scariest time of our lives and we had someone to lean on. Thankful for them!

  • Jaimie

    Mended little hearts

  • C B
    C B

    1/110 babies are born with a heart defect. Chances are you know someone affected. It is a super scary time when you find out your child may need open heart surgery (or multiple surgeries or caths). Please vote for a great cause that touches so many lives! Mended Little Hearts of Coastal Virginia!


    Great charity.

  • Reatha

    Mended Little Hearts of Coastal Virginia

  • Amanda

    Mended little hearts! They are such an important group

  • Mimi

    Mended Little Hearts of Coastal Virginia is a great organization!! They get my vote!

  • Elise DeWitt
    Elise DeWitt

    Mended Little hearts of Coastal Virginia

  • Pam Skipper
    Pam Skipper

    Mended Little Hearts of Coastal Virginia

  • Denise Kail
    Denise Kail

    The Got Sole project has donotaed over 20,000 shoes to the underprivileged populations in Va and helped with humanitarian effort. As cinderella said" One Shoe can change you life!" Please vote for this small local nonprofit. Do you Got Sole?

  • Dana Szilveszter
    Dana Szilveszter

    Although all charities are wonderful, this one “got sole!!!”

  • Joseph Sanders
    Joseph Sanders

    Please donate to Safe House Project. This non-profit was founded in Hampton Roads and raises funds to build and sustain Safe Houses for victims escaping sex slavery.

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