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Vote For Our November Round Up Charity!

Vote For Our November Round Up Charity!

Giving back to our community is one of our greatest delights. Every month A. Dodson's supports a charity chosen by our customers. We match each donation when our customers round up their change at purchase. To date, we've donated over $120,000!

In addition to voting, we hope you'll spread the word about these amazing organizations and help them in any way you can (volunteers are always loved!). ❤️

To inquire about participating in our Round Up program, please email us at 

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  • Accumula Collaborator
Comments 12
  • Pamela Dean
    Pamela Dean

    A most selfless charity. It takes many beautiful hearts to help give a child a chance for some happiness while fighting for their lives. I am thankful for this charity.

  • Laura Holden
    Laura Holden

    Roc solid!!!

  • Choi Gee Hawks
    Choi Gee Hawks

    WE ❤️ ROC SOLID!!!

  • Karen Connor
    Karen Connor

    We ♥️ Roc Solid

  • Brandy

    Roc Solid #WhatHopeLooksLike

  • Jenny Thompson
    Jenny Thompson

    We love Roc Solid

  • Cathy Bennett
    Cathy Bennett

    Roc Solid

  • Arielle

    Roc solid!

  • Rich

    Roc Solid

  • Arleen

    ROC SOLID!!!!!

  • Greg

    1 vote for ROC SOLID.

  • Michelle Broady
    Michelle Broady

    Love everything in your store, very unique items.

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