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Vote For Our September Round Up Charity!


Giving back to our community is one of our greatest delights. Every month A. Dodson's supports a charity chosen by our customers. We match each donation when our customers round up their change at purchase. To date, we've donated over $120,000!

In addition to voting, we hope you'll spread the word about these amazing organizations and help them in any way you can (volunteers are always loved!). ❤️

To inquire about participating in our Round Up program, please email us at 

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  • Kim Glover
Comments 3
  • Lucien Lombardo
    Lucien Lombardo

    Champions for Children is helping build healthy children and healthy communities! The best way to protect the future is to protect and support those who will shape the future!

  • Debbie Melton
    Debbie Melton

    The most dedicated group of individuals i’ve ever seen!

  • Beth Payne
    Beth Payne

    Virginia Beach SPCA saves so many animals and is a great group of people who truly care about each animal who comes to them. This donation could help save more. Please remember: Adopt. Don’t shop.

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